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Your luxury accommodation in Damaraland Namibia

Huab Lodge, situated in Damaraland Namibia, began as an idea to generate funds to save Namibia's desert–dwelling elephants from being harassed and shot. Since 1992 awareness has increased, as has tourism and the “value” of the elephant is changing. The original farmland is a small, unique area called Monte Carlo which boasts stunning views bisected by the mostly dry Huab River. The former rest camp which accommodated tourists in the 1970s now houses the lodge’s staff.

At a special site just down river from the old rest camp, where the Germans built the so-called German Bath in the late 1800s, Huab Lodge was erected. Despite its size the unique main building blends well into its surroundings. The irregular thatch roof mirrors a mountain on the opposite bank. The lodge's stone and thatch bungalows spread along the elevated north bank of the river ensuring a private and magnificent view – even from the shower!

Huab Lodge with all it has to offer and being off the beaten track is not a place for a single night-stop. You should allow several days to enjoy and absorb the tranquillity and quiet, the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, and the many activities at the lodge. There is an airstrip directly nearby the lodge.

Huab Main Building

A Mecca for bird watchers


Huab Lodge, built at a special site just down river from the old rest camp which accommodated tourists in the 1970s, and where the German occupiers built the so-called ‘German Bath’ in the late 1800s, is situated on a private nature reserve right on the edge of Namibia’s ‘Damaraland’, a ruggedly beautiful area in North West Namibia, famed for its populations of desert-adapted elephants and lions, as well as other iconic Namibian wildlife like black rhinos, zebra, gemsbok (oryx), and more.

It was in fact a desire to help generate funds for the conservation of these elephants that led to the founding of Huab Lodge, and that desire still forms part of both the philosophy and practice of the lodge. When the founders of Huab Safari Ranches, a merging of commercial and communal land, first came across this part of the Huab Valley in 1992, and learned of the plight of the elephants, they founded the private nature reserve to act as a buffer between the elephants and other wild animals and neighbouring farmers, with whom conflict could have easily occurred.

The ephemeral Huab River, which runs through the 20-thousand-acre nature reserve, provides numerous natural water sources which attract wildlife and the once severely overgrazed farmland, having been completely given over to wildlife, is returning to its once pristine condition. Indigenous flora can once again proliferate and provide food and refuge for the wildlife, birds, insects, and reptiles of the area. The last three decades of care, and a strict ‘hands-off’ and ‘no-shooting’ policy, have also brought about remarkable changes, with the number of kudu, oryx, mountain zebra, and springbok resident in the area rebounding.

Huab Main Building

Meet the Team

Conservation-orientated nature lovers, Deon and Lidia Brummer; the proud new owners of Huab Lodge on the Damaraland border, look forward to welcoming like-minded visitors to share in the unrivalled beauty, peace, tranquillity, exceptional birdwatching, and so much more!

The Brummers are delighted to have been able to build on the firm foundation laid by previous owners Jan and the late Suzi van de Reep, who put their heart and soul into Huab Lodge. Taking advantage of the opportunity presented by international travel restrictions during the Covid pandemic, Deon and Lidia oversaw extensive maintenance, and are looking forward to welcoming you to a new era at Huab Lodge.

Some more about us:

Growing up on a farm in the South Africa’s lowveld, nature and wildlife has always been important to Deon, leading him to pursue studies in nature conservation. During this time he also started competing as a middle distance athlete, earning Springbok colours and qualifying for two separate Olympic Games, which he sadly never got the opportunity to compete at due to sports sanctions imposed on South Africa in the 1980s.

Olympics or not, Deon remains energetic and enthusiastic about life, and especially nature and nature conservation. He enjoys sharing the natural beauty and wildlife Huab Lodge has to offer and will go the extra mile to ensure that like-minded visitors experience it fully for themselves.

Lidia is from Namibia originally, but moved away with her family for a short stint. In the mid-80’s she returned to Namibia to complete her schooling. Lidia then went on to become a teacher, and spent more than 20 years helping shape future generations.

Having spent her formative years on a farm and, more recently, living on the outskirts of Outjo, where she was always involved with the farming activities. Lidia’s love for nature often led the pair on adventures, exploring the natural beauty of Namibia.

Deon and Lidia